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Labradoodles (Doodle) Charlie
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Swinging Gate Lord Charlie

Pedigree Quality BreederChristmas Charlie

Our first labradoodle “stud” Lord Charlie began our breeding program perfectly. We called Jenny at Swinging Gate Labradoodles ready to purchase a male. She pointed us in the direction of Charlie. We are grateful!

Puppy Charlie was already in a guardian home with his family in Troutman, NC. We liked Kim and her family immediately. Kim’s beautiful daughter, Macy, is Charlie’s best friend. They hate to be apart. Macy¬† “tolerates” her doodle visiting us for a few days at a time. They share a special love!

At his shoulders, Charlie stands at 16 inches tall and weighs 25 pounds. He has a cream curly fleece with apricot ears.

Charlie visiting our home is a treat for my boys. Charlie plays ball and fetches with perfection. This doodle brings a joyful demeanor wherever he goes. He is a friend to everyone. He loves to play when it is time to play. He also loves to lounge with the family when playtime is done. Charlie remains calm and obedient around females in season. He waits patiently while we are birthing pups. He plays gently with growing puppies.

When we take Lord Charlie to the vet, we always get compliments. The staff love how sweet and well-mannered he is. This labradoodle proves a dog is man’s best friend.

Lord Charlie’s Labradoodle Pedigree

Charlie follows the footsteps of his mother, Izzie, and his father, Cooper, with glowing reviews. Both mother and father whelp intelligent and friendly litters. Charlie’s doodle pups have proven just a beautiful, clever, and loving.

Why is medical testing necessary?Charlie with Macy

Selective breeding programs help control hip and elbow dysplasia and inherited eye diseases . The Australian Labradoodle Club of America offers a controlled atmosphere. Required tests ensure that generations of breeding animals do not pass on genetic defects to offspring.

When you purchase a puppy registered with the ALCA, you know that the labradoodle is bred with the highest quality of health in mind.

Obtaining Certification

To obtain certification, Sweet Carolina Labradoodles schedules our pups’ appointments after they turn ten months old. This age ensures they are practically developed and will test accurately.

Because we live in the country, we plan a full day of travel to Charlotte for each breeder dog. We visit two different canine specialists.

The procedure for hip and elbow dysplasia requires several hours. The doodles are given light anesthesia to ensure a thorough examination.

After our labradoodle wakes, we visit a canine eye specialist for a detailed examination. The Labradoodle is then registered with the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF).

Upon receipt of satisfactory results, we send the paperwork into the ACLA. We pay the registration fee. Then our new doodle breeder is official! Our club’s health requirements ensure the health of our puppies. It also promises that our adoptive families gain a quality pet to enjoy for years to come.

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