Doodle Diet Tips

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You Are What You Eat

And so is your Australian Labradoodle!

Puppy FoodNutrition begins with the fertile mother. Our mini Australian Labradoodles are fed Royal Canin Mini Adult Dry Dog Food.

The Royal Canin brand provides a high-quality dog food with many different formulas. They cater to the needs of each breed. Many in our club recommend this brand. As well as the veterinary Puppy Foodclinics.

As our mothers’ cycles change, we utilize the Royal Canin heat food. Then we transition over to the Royal Canin mother/puppy food toward the end of the pregnancy. The mother/puppy food prepares the mother’s body for feeding her pups. It provides for her the nutrients she needs to remain robust. This is the same food we begin feeding our puppies when they are ready for solid food between three and four weeks. Because it is the same food that their mothers eat, our puppies’ transition to a stable diet is smooth.

Labradoodle Diet at Six Weeks

By six weeks, our doodle puppies are eating three times a day. Around seven weeks we begin mixing their food with the Royal Canin Mini Puppy Dry formula.

When you take your new doodle puppy home. You will receive a small bag of this food as your doodle pup will be ready to transition over to the puppy food.

Your new doodle should continue to be fed three times a day until the age of four months (16 weeks). Your bag of Royal Canin will help to guide your amounts based on your puppy’s size. Remember that food can run quickly through a puppy, so be prepared to take your puppy outside not long after eating. You will want to avoid feeding your doodle puppy late at night for the same reason.

Labradoodle Diet at Four Months

Around four months, begin feeding your puppy twice a day. Again, based upon your doodle’s weight, you will use the Royal Canin feeding chart to determine your puppy’s needs.

Labradoodle Diet at Ten Months

At ten months, your doodle will be ready for Royal Canin Mini Adult Dry Food, just like his mother. This food should serve your dog’s needs for years to come.

Here at Sweet Carolina Labradoodles, we do not recommend feeding your furry family member human food. Not only can some human foods harm your doodle, but they can also cause unwanted dental problems.

The healthiest and safest decision you can make for your doodle is to stick with a dog food you know is healthy.

AntlerHealthy Dog Treats

As far as treats and chew toys, look for all-natural items, such as pig ears and antlers. You will also want to choose brands that are made in the U.S.A. as you can assure that they meet the criteria they claim on their packaging.

Nutrition does not have to be complicated when bringing home your new Labradoodle puppy. You can ensure that your doodle’s health was considered even before birth. We care for our breeding females and feed them only the highest quality products.

By following these guidelines, you should enjoy a healthy doodle for many years.


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