Labradoodle Breed - North CarolineWelcome to Sweet Carolina Labradoodles! We are excited to have you visit our page!

Sweet Carolina Labradoodles was born after the loss of my seventeen-year-old darling Yorkie, Rusty. Rusty was my dog long before my husband and boys came along. In typical terrier fashion, he was the alpha male of the home and did not particularly enjoy the competition of a husband and children!

While I adored Rusty, I knew when he left me, our next furry family member needed to meet as many of these qualifications as possible.

  • Be a whole-family pet.
  • Be gentle yet playful with my small, active boys.
  • Not shed.
  • Not be too big.
  • Not aggravate my husband’s and boys’ allergies and asthma.
  • Tolerate a working mom’s schedule with active boys.

Was I being picky or what?

I researched breed after breed to find the perfect fit for our home. And while rescuing a dog was definitely a thought, I knew this could not be an option for us with our family’s allergy and asthma issues.

I am happy to say that I did find the breed that met ALL of our requirements! With the help of the extraordinary Jenny Blume of Swinging Gate Labradoodles who has mentored me as a breeder, I learned that the Australian Labradoodle has proven to be the ideal dog.

Since the Australian Labradoodle dogs are bred in three different sizes (mini, medium, and standard) the perfect size for us was the mini, which does not typically weigh over 23 pounds.

In fact, we fell so in love with this breed we wanted to begin Sweet Carolina Labradoodles as a family business. God has opened every door of this adventure for us in such a perfect fashion that we know He is blessing us and has in turn blessed others with these wonderful pets. We give Him the credit for our good fortunes!

Our Philosophy

Our goal at Sweet Carolina Labradoodles is to breed the highest quality Australian Labradoodle as well as provide our clients with a pleasant adoption experience while placing our puppies in their forever homes.

Our breeding stock is chosen based upon many elements such has high quality pedigree, health, temperament, and body structure.

Our Australian Labradoodle puppies:

  • Mini Australian Labradoodles (average less than 23 pounds)
  • Are loved by our family even before arrival
  • Are born in our home
  • Share our main living areas just as they will in their new homes.
  • Begin to learn basic training commands.
  • Are micro-chipped.
  • Are de-wormed.
  • Receive vaccinations due up to 8 weeks.
  • Have a two (2) year health guarantee.

Each adopting family will be required to sign a contract promising to have their puppy spayed or neutered at the appropriate time. This is to ensure the integrity of the breed as well as maintain an ethical and responsible breeding policy. The medical records from the doctor’s office with the puppy’s micro-chip ID number included on the document should be mailed back to Sweet Carolina Labradoodles to fulfill the contract.

To learn more about why the Australian Labradoodle breed is so special – please visit Our Labradoodles page .