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Sweet Carolina Lucy

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Lucy Hannah serves as the first Sweet Carolina Labradoodle breeder! Swinging Gate Matilda and Swinging Gate Lord Charlie produced her in their first litter. We chose to keep Lucy because of her perky personality and her curly coat. She is a lovely mix of her mom and dad.

Lucy lives with the Gordon family. They are personal friends of Sweet Carolina Labradoodles. She is the favorite of daughter Hannah who is she named after. Hannah thinks Lucy is the most special dog in the world! We show partiality toward her, too. Hannah is creative. She uses her talents to make things for her doodle Lucy to wear. She also works very hard to teach Lucy tricks. They are a cute pair!

At her shoulders, Lucy is 15 inches high and weighs 18 pounds. She is our tiny little princess.

Our very favorite part of Lucy’s look is the “poof” on her head! She keeps her little white poof whether her curly cream fleece is long or short.

Lucy is also the funniest girl when it comes to being with her mama, Australian Labradoodle Matilda. She loves her mama. When visiting our house, she follows her everywhere. She begs for attention and wants to play. She will lay down right in front of her Matilda and hope for some quality time. It truly is precious.

Lucy also proved to be quite the mom to her own first litter. She would not leave her little brood even to go outside. We would have to place the puppies in a basket and take them outside with her. We felt proud of how she mothered her own litter of Labradoodles.

Lucy’s Labradoodle Pedigree

Lucy and puppiesBeing our first official Sweet Carolina Labradoodle breeder, we adore Lucy. Although her first litter of Australian Labradoodles was relatively small, all four pups were beautiful and healthy. They are one of our favorite litters so far.

Why is medical testing necessary?

Selective breeding programs help control hip and elbow dysplasia and inherited eye diseases. The Australian Labradoodle Club of America offers a controlled atmosphere. Required tests ensure that generations of breeding animals do not pass on genetic defects to offspring.

When you purchase a puppy registered with the ALCA, you know that the labradoodle is bred with the highest quality of health in mind.

Obtaining Certification

To obtain certification, Sweet Carolina Labradoodles schedules our pups’ appointments after they turn ten months old. This age ensures they are practically developed and will test accurately.

Because we live in the country, we plan a full day of travel to Charlotte for each breeder dog. We visit two different canine specialists.

The procedure for hip and elbow dysplasia requires several hours. The doodles are given light anesthesia to ensure a thorough examination.

After our labradoodle wakes, we visit a canine eye specialist for a detailed examination. The Labradoodle is then registered with the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF).

Upon receipt of satisfactory results, we send the paperwork into the ACLA. We pay the registration fee. Then our new doodle breeder is official! Our club’s health requirements ensure the health of our puppies. It also promises that our adoptive families gain a quality pet to enjoy for years to come.

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