Thank you for your interest in adopting a mini Australian Labradoodle from Sweet Carolina Labradoodles. Please complete our Adoption Request Form and place your deposit of $500 to have your name added to our waiting list.

Wait List Updated 04/20/2021

  1. Breeder reserves litter pick options
  2. Red Tuxedo- The Boulos Family, New York, NY 09/07/2020
  3. Red Girl- The Adams Family, Hudson, NC 11/01/2020
  4. Red/Apricot Puppy- The Howard Family, Knoxville, TN 12/17/2020
  5. Red/White Girl- The Hrischenko Family, Charlotte, NC 12/30/2020
  6. Sweet Puppy- The Johnson Family, Taylorsville, NC 01/29/2021
  7. Sweet Puppy- The Moretz Family, Hickory, NC 03/28/2021
  8. Red Tuxedo Girl- The Nelson Family, Plano, TX 04/18/2021
  9. Dark Puppy- The Boyette Family, Hickory, NC 05/05/2021
  10. Parti Puppy- The Stiles Family, VA 06/20/2021


Future Litter

  1. Tuxedo Female- The Orlowski Family, Hickory, NC 09/13/2018
  2. Puppy- Quate Family, Troy, NC 07/11/2020


ADOPTION REQUEST: Please email me if you fill out an adoption request. I do not get alerts for these and often miss new applications.



$500 non-refundable deposit.

The Sweet Carolina Labradoodles waiting list is developed in the order of receipt of applications and non-refundable deposit of $500.00 which is applied to the purchase price ($3000.00) of the puppy . To complete your Adoption Application please make deposit via PayPal or by mail and certified check to Sweet Carolina Labradoodles, 410 Icard Ridge Road Ext., Granite Falls, NC 28630.

The balance of $2500.00 will be due when the puppy is 7 weeks old, a week before going home at 8 weeks.

Puppies can be flown with a friend who flies puppies now in his retirement. His cost is normally not much different than the shipping fee dependent upon the rates to particular airports on particular days. This is a safer option and is greatly preferred by Sweet Carolina Labradoodles.

Puppies can be safely shipped to any major U.S. city. An additional fee of $500.00 is required to cover shipping costs as well as a shipping crate and health certificate (required by the airline). This fee can be more depending upon airline price hikes.

If you would rather your puppy not be flown, depending upon vicinity to me, we can negotiate me driving to you or meeting you in between for the current standard rate of $.54 a mile.