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Lake Blue Elsie Mae

Pedigree Quality Breeder


Obtaining Certification

To obtain certification, here at Sweet Carolina Labradoodles we schedule our pups appointments after they turn ten months old. This age ensures they are practically developed and will test accurately.

Because we live out in the country, we plan a full day for each dog to travel to Charlotte to visit two different canine specialists.

The first test for hip and elbow dysplasia is a procedure requiring several hours as the doodles are given light anesthesia to have a thorough examination.

After our labradoodle wakes, we then visit a canine eye specialist for a detailed examination of the eye. The labradoodle is then registered with the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF).

Upon receipt of satisfactory results, we send the paperwork into the ACLA, pay the registration fee, and our new doodle breeder is official! Our club’s health requirements ensure not only the health of our puppies but also that our adoptive families can count on gaining a quality pet to enjoy for years to come.

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