How to Brush Your Australian Labradoodle

Brushing your Australian Labradoodle

Labradoodle Grooming One of the most desired traits of an Australian Labradoodle is its coat. By design, these dogs have little to no shedding. Mine do not shed at all!

There is also little to no smell. In fact, I do not find the need to bathe my dogs between grooming visits unless they have gotten into mud or my boys have accidentally dropped something on them.

Having said that, brushing your Australian Labradoodle every day is important as it is for any pet.

Daily grooming helps keep the coat in good condition by:

  • Removing dirt.
  • Spreading the natural oils throughout the coat.
  • Preventing tangles from forming.
  • Keeping the skin clean and free from irritation.

Daily Grooming for LabradoodlesI prefer using a medium slicker brush for overall brushing and a wire comb underneath ears and “underarm” areas, especially as the coat grows longer.

It is also good to have a pin brush as well.

For us, this short, individual time spent with each of my Australian Labradoodles each day is a soothing and bonding time. They look forward to being groomed and get jealous of each other when it is not their turn!

Australian Labradoodle Coat

When the Australian Labradoodle coat gets about 7-8 weeks past grooming, mats can begin setting up if you are not brushing your dog daily. You should get a mat splitter to have on hand in case of these situations. As they get older, they will grow a thicker coat. It is best to start with the wider pinned slicker and then use the closer pinned slicker.

How to Brush your Australian Labradoodle

Brush up, down, and sideways until there is no congestion or mats in the hair. Practice will help or ask a groomer for some tips.

Labradoodle Grooming - Very Light HairIt is best to start brushing your pet at an early age. I learned this the hard way as I got my first Australian Labradoodle when she was already five months old.

Starting early helps the dog to learn to enjoy the time and not panic.

Like children, puppies have short attention spans. They will require some special attention. Select a time when the puppy is less energetic. Begin with short grooming sessions, five minutes or so. Constantly talk to your puppy in a gentle, reassuring tone while grooming to make him feel comfortable. Be sure to check his ears, paws, teeth, and underside during the grooming procedure. This will, in time, make him accustomed to being handled and examined. Eventually, he will be quite comfortable being groomed, and will look forward to these sessions with you.

But do not despair if your Labradoodle is an older animal. It is possible to train one to enjoy grooming.

Proceed slowly, and be sure to use treats and plenty of praise to make the experience fun! Importantly, do not wait until your Australian Labradoodle is beginning to mat as then brushing will always be associated with being an uncomfortable and long ordeal.

Daily Grooming can be a special time for the two of you each day.

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