Naughty or nice? Regardless, she’s clever!

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labradoodle_dog_breed_sweet_carolina_labradoodlesUpdate July 2016: Daphne can open the bathroom door when she so desires. She is also quick to “point” out animals she sees in the woods or yard.

December 2015: I am having to separate the girls when they eat presently since Matilda is a on a special food for the puppies and they like to sample each other’s bowls.

But two weeks ago Queen Daphne figured out how to open both of the latches of the kennel and free her sister! I then began using an extended doggie gate to separate them between rooms.

But, Miss Daphne can now maneuver her way out of pretty much any configurationĀ  I have come up with to get out of the bedroom or get her sister out.

I think this gal may have a higher IQ than me!

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