Bringing Home My Mini Australian Labradoodle Puppy: What Do I Need to Know?

What do I need to purchase for my mini Australian Labradoodle?

I recommend the following two new mini Australian Labradoodle parents. I use a lot for easy shopping for many of these items, but you can also peruse local pet stores.

  • Royal Canin dry Mini Puppy dog foodPuppy Food
  • Stainless steel or plastic bowls are easiest to keep clean (stone can collect a film if not cleaned often).
  • All natural, made in America treats and chew options
  • For your new puppy, an extra-small collar will work at first, but within just a couple of weeks, you will need a small one which may last even until the puppy is an adult.
  • A large crate (36 inches) and we prefer double door- This crate can be divided into a smaller size and then expanded as your Australian Labradoodle grows.Wolfie in a Crate
  • I like to use Sherpa mats inside my crates. These are easy to wash and dry and fit on the crate bottom without too much bulk.
  • A Vittles Vault seals dog food better than most other dog food storage containers. It is worth the few extra bucks.
  • Perfect Dog 2-Disc DVD Set- Don Sullivan’s Secrets to Train the Perfect Dog (
  • A Wet brand brush (or any pin brush)- Read this post for further help:Brushes How to Brush Your Australian Labradoodle
  • A wire comb for the adult coat
  • A dematting tool for the adult coat
  • Small stuff toys and balls (for your small puppy)



What should I expect from my Mini Australian Labradoodle puppy?

Don Sullivan CDsRemember that as wonderful as this breed is, you are still bringing home a puppy! Your puppy will need love, patience, positive correction, and consistency. Puppy training classes and Don Sullivan’s training CDs will be helpful tools in your journey.

  1. Your puppy will want to be with you! However, there will be times you will want to crate her. Be positive when placing your puppy in the crate. Give her a treat and/or toy she loves. You can even place a blanket over the crate at night to signify it is time to sleep.
  2. Your puppy will want to chew as he teethes. Keeping important items like shoes and your children’s toys off of the floor around your Australian Labradoodle will be wise. Supplying your puppy with toys and all-natural chew sticks and items will help. Correct your puppy when you find him chewing off-limit items and then supply him with an appropriate option.
  3. Your puppy will need to be taken out often as you potty train. Again, Don Sullivan’s CDs will offer valuable advice in training and correcting.

Your puppy will grow quickly between 8 weeks and five months. It will be a fun time as long as you are prepared to be patient and work hard to train your Australian Labradoodle. Your diligence will pay off with a faithful friend to enjoy for many years.

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