Available Puppies 2019 and Past Litters

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UPDATED 10/14/2018


Matilda and Daphne due in December 2018


August 5 Litter

Honey Bear and King George: Brandon’s Litter


Macadoo (female)- Adopted by the Trinchere Family of Maiden, NC (parti with brown markings)

Macadoo in front of mums

Macadoo on guitar


Melody (female)- Adopted to a Family in Raleigh, NC (parti with brown facial markings)

Melody in front of mums

Melody on guitar


Rose- Adopted by the Smith Family of New Braunfels, TX (caramel tuxedo)

Rose on guitar


Eugene- Adopted by the Dobbins Family of Huntersville, NC (caramel)

Eugene on guitar


Big B- Adopted by the Davenport Family of Granite Falls, NC (solid caramel)


Carolina (female)- Adopted

Carolina on guitar


August 5 Litter


May 25 Litter- 3 males, 3 females 

Matilda and Chipper: The World War II Litter


General Patton- Adopted by Emily Winkler of Hickory, NC (male, dark apricot, liver nose, wavy fleece)

Patton poses with flag
4 weeks 3 days


Rosie the Riveter- Adopted by the Church Family of Granite Falls, NC (female, red, curly fleece)

Rosie with the flag
4 weeks 3 days


Ike (General Eisenhower)- Adopted by the Perez Family of Waxhaw, NC male, red, curly fleece

Ike on a rocking chair
8 weeks 2 days
Ike on a bench
7 weeks 3 days
Ike with the flag
4 weeks 3 days


Pearl Harbor- Adopted by the Young Family of Hickory, NC (female, cream, curly fleece)

Pearl with the flag
4 weeks 3 days


Enola Gay- Adopted by the Lawrence Family of Granite Falls, NC (female, red, wavy fleece)

Enola with the flag
4 weeks 3 days


Mack (General MacArthur)- Adopted by the Stiles Family of Painter, VA (male, red, wavy fleece)

Mack on a bench
7 weeks 3 days
Mack with the flag
4 weeks 3 days




April 18 Litter: 4 males, 3 females 

Daphne and Charlie: The Classic Rock Litter


Skynyrd (male)- Adopted by the Harlan Family of Cedartown, GA (curly apricot with a liver nose)

Skynyrd on rug
7 weeks 4 days
Skynyrd with greenery
6 weeks 3 days
Skynyrd on a Guitar
5 weeks 2 days
Skynyrd on a Drum
4 weeks 3 days


Rush (male)- Adopted by the Fremont-Smith Family of Newburyport, MA (wavy chocolate with liver nose)

Rush with rug
7 weeks 4 days old
Rush with greenery
6 weeks 3 days
Rush on a Guitar
5 weeks 2 days
Rush on a Drum
4 weeks 3 days


Journey (female)- Adopted by the Haggerty Family of Wilmington, NC (wavy blue-black)

Journey with greenery
6 weeks 3 days
Journey on a Guitar
5 weeks 2 days

Journey on a Drum


Creedence (male)- Adopted by Ashley Hornowski of Charlotte, NC (curly apricot with a black nose)

Creedence with greenery
6 weeks 3 days
Creedence with a Guitar
5 weeks 2 days
Credence with Drum
4 weeks 3 days


Queen (female)- Adopted by the Boaz Family of Lenoir, NC (wavy cream)

Queen on a Drum
4 weeks 3 days


Heart (female)- Adopted by the Morais Family of Milford, MA (wavy apricot/cream)

Heart on a Drum
4 weeks 3 days


Zeppelin (male)- Adopted by the Land Family of Taylorsville, NC (wavy blue-black)

Zeppelin on a Drum
4 weeks 3 days


April 2 Litter: 1 male, 1 female 

Lucy and Chipper: The I Love Lucy Litter


Fred- Adopted by Julia Wakefield of Hickory, NC (curly, light red)

4 weeks 6 days


Ethel- AVAILABLE- Adopted by The Puckett Family of Hickory, NC (curly, dark apricot)

Ethel with flowers
6 weeks 2 days
4 weeks 6 days



November 5 Litter: 3 males, 2 females

Matilda and Chipper: The Buddy the Elf Litter


Buddy- Adopted by the Quate Family of Troy, NC (light red with white markings)

Buddy in front of trees


Miles- Adopted by the Orlowski Family of Hickory, NC (light red)

Miles in front of trees


Walter- Adopted (apricot)

Walter in front of trees


Emily- Adopted (apricot)

Emily in front of trees


Jovie- Adopted (caramel with white markings)

Jovie in front of trees


July 28 Litter: 6 males, 3 females

Daphne and Charlie: The Pin Stripe Litter

Miss Whitey (Ford)- Breeder’s Choice (cream parti factor wavy fleece)

Miss Whitey with Baseball


Babe (female)- Adopted by the Hansen Family of Huntersville, NC (apricot/cream wavy fleece)

Babe with Baseball


Joe (DiMaggio)- Adopted by Kristin Roiff of Boston, MA (chocolate wavy fleece)

Joe with baseballs

Joe with Baseball


Mickey (Mantle)- Adopted by Brooke Horne of Asheville (apricot/cream wavy fleece)

Mickey with Baseball


Reggie (Jackson)- Adopted by the Courtner Family of Hudson, NC (blue-black wavy fleece with white marking)


Reggie with baseballs

Reggie with Baseball


Yogi (Berra)- adopted by the Longley Family of Durham, NC (chocolate curly fleece with white marking)


Yogi with baseball

Yogi with Baseball


Jeter (Derek)- Adopted by a Family from Brooklyn, NC (blue-black wavy fleece)


Jeter with baseball

Jeter with Baseball


Lou Lou (Gehrig) (female)- Adopted as a Breeder’s Choice (chocolate curly fleece)

Lou Lou with baseball

Lou Lou with Baseball


Judge (Aaron)- Adopted by the Bowman Family of Charlotte, NC (blue-black wavy fleece)


Judge with baseball

Judge with Baseball


July 6 Litter:

Lucy and Chipper: Beach Boys Litter

Born July 6, 2017: 3 females and 1 male

Barbara Ann- Adopted by the Strong Family of Mocksville, NC (curly red)

Barbara Ann on a Beach Towel

[Little Deuce] Coupe- Adopted by the Caldwell Family of Hickory, NC (red wavy fleece)

Coupe on a Beach Towel

California “Cali” Girl- Adopted by the Johnson Family of Hickory, NC (red wavy fleece)

Cali on a Beach Towel

[Help Me] Rhonda- Adopted by the Strong Family of Mocksville, NC (red wavy fleece)

Rhonda on a Beach Towel


April Litter

Matilda and Charlie: Old West Litter

Born April 12, 2017: 4 males and 2 females

Annie Oakley- Adopted by the Rostan Family of Hickory, NC (apricot/cream)

Annie Oakley
4 weeks 4 days
Annie Oakley
5 weeks 6 days
Miss Annie Oakley
7 Weeks

Johnny Mack- Adopted by the Morais Family of Massachusetts (apricot with white markings, including a half black, half white nose area)

Johnny Mack

The Duke- Adopted by the Locklear Family of Hickory, NC (apricot)

The Duke

Marshall Dillon- Adopted by the Johnson Family of Hickory, NC (curly, dark apricot with white markings)

Marshall Dillon

Roy Rogers- Adoption to be Announced… It’s a Surprise! (cream)

Roy Rogers

Miss Dale Evans (apricot/cream)

Miss Dale Evans
4 weeks 4 days
Miss Dale Evans
5 weeks 6 days
Miss Dale Evans
7 Weeks


Daphne and Charlie: English Monarchy Litter

Born November 24, 2016: 7 females and 2 males

Princess Eugenie- Adopted by the Christmas Family of the U.S. Military (curly, chocolate with white markings)

Eugenie in Red Bow
6 Weeks 2 Days
Eugenie's Profile
6 Weeks 2 Days
5 1/2 Weeks Old
Princess Eugenie
3 1/2 Weeks Old

Prince Harry- Adopted by the McMurray Family of Hickory, NC (dark apricot)

Prince Harry

Prince William- Adopted by the Harding Family of Hickory, NC (white)

Prince William

Queen Elizabeth- Future Sweet Carolina Breeder (blue/black parti factor)

Queen Elizabeth

Princess Beatrice- Adopted by the Kendrick Family of Greenville, NC (cream/apricot)

Princess Beatrice

Princess Margaret- Adopted by the Delk Family of Lenoir, NC

Princess Margaret

Lady Diana- Adopted by the Sirolly Family of Pennington, NJ (cream/apricot)

Lady Diana

Duchess Katherine- Adopted by the Runyon Family of Hickory, NC (black)

Duchess Katherine

Princess Charlotte- Adopted by the Pate Family of Hickory, NC (apricot with white markings)

Princess Charlotte


Matilda and Charlie’s Second Litter

We proudly announce five healthy puppies born September 28, 2016.

Hazel- Adopted by the Lail Family of Hickory, NC

Hazel in Pumpkin

Wolfgang “Wolfie”- Adopted by the Scherr Family of Charleston, SC

Wolfie in Pumkin

Wolfie Chalkboard Box

Beethoven- Adopted by the Agee Family of Denver, NC

Beethoven in Pumpkin

Beethoven in Chalkboard Box

Beethoven in Chalkboard Box

Marlie- Adopted by the Sweeney Family of Bowling Green, KY

"Pink" in Pumpkin

Sebastian- Adopted by the Jakushev Family of Franklin, NC


Sebastian in Chalkboard Box

Matilda and Charlie’s First Litter has Arrived!

Puppies in a BundleOn February 4th, Sweet Carolina Labradoodles welcomed Matilda and Charlie’s first litter into our home: three bouncing boys and a sweet little girl.

Our first boy entered the world at 3:27 pm, with our last little guy ending the group of four at 5:37 pm, a little over two hours later.

Just as expected, this litter is simply beautiful. Each puppy has a lush coat and healthy muscle tone. They are vigorous eaters and very strong.

Matilda is an excellent mother to her crew of four (small litters are normal for first-time moms). Her already sweet temperament lends itself well to being a nurturing and attentive mother.Four Puppies in a Row

Daphne has handled the addition of puppies to our home like a champ. Normally, the alpha female and constant playmate of her sister, Matilda, she has proven curious but not aggressive, as this breed never is. We hope her turn to be a mother of new Australian Labradoodle puppies is soon coming.

I know I may be partial, but Australian Labradoodles make the prettiest newborn puppies I have ever seen. Watching them grow is like watching a miracle at work. Yes! They are already changing. Born Thursday night, I noticed the coloring on their noses darkening on Friday night. By Saturday, the pads of their feet began darkening, too. And of course, with their healthy eating habits, I can tell they are beginning to fatten up.

One Puppy Resting on AnotherAs of now, our little Australian Labradoodle gal already has a future home, but our three boys are waiting for their new families to find them.

We will add individual pictures of the puppies in a few weeks. There has been much interest, so if you wish to adopt one of these cream and apricot darlings, make sure and submit your application as well as pay your deposit. Puppy selection is based upon the order in which both the applications and deposits are received. As always, if you have questions, email me at robin@sweetcarolinalabradoodles.com.




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